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“Why does everything that’s BAD for me taste so GOOD?”

Amazon Best Selling author, Drew Canole flips this question on-its-head in this refreshingly short guide to learning how to love the food that loves you back, burn fat, lose weight, and eat healthy. Unlike other programs that promise “you can lose weight while eating whatever you want,” the author finally delivers on this elusive promise by offering the key to making it work:

…You have to change the type of food you actually “want.”

If healthy food tasted better to you, you would eat more of it, causing you to look better, feel better, have more energy and lose weight. Zero rocket science involved.
My name is Drew Canole. I am a Nutrition and Transformation Specialist, best selling author and expert who has helped over a hundred-thousand people discover how to reshape their body and their lives.

I’m here to tell you that there is a simple, step-by-step method that anyone can use to finally flip the switch to love the food that loves you back!

Better yet, the method in this short but powerful guidebook has been proven, to work on almost any woman or man, no matter how hopeless or junk-food addicted they currently feel.

Inside “Train Your Taste To Trim Your Waist” You Will Discover:

  • The real reasons you probably aren’t eating right, … and why it’s really not your fault (but once you understand this, it becomes your responsibility).
  • How a groundbreaking scientific study proves that our desire for unhealthy foods is outside of our control AND why it is sometimes so hard to eat healthy foods.
  • Why your taste buds are actually taste “traitors” (And how to get them back on your side and helping you to lose fat)
  • 7 simple steps to train your taste to actually CRAVE healthy food in less than 27 days
  • The deferral-method of crave-curbing that will make this program work for you, even if others have failed in the past.
  • How to cement your success in place using a nutrient-infusion that amplifies your craving for healthy food.

You will find yourself actually craving the most nourishing foods that you know you should eat—the kind of food that gives you energy and removes unwanted weight.

Training your taste buds is the key to transforming a laborious and miserable “diet” into a healthy and rewarding lifestyle that you enjoy.
All of this packed into a lean 71-page guide, designed for rapid reading and success, for less than the cost of a Starbucks latte.
PLUS…all readers get access to the Mindset Motivator Video Series at no extra charge.

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An enhanced bestseller that features 16 new, additional photographs.

The first edition of The Juicing Bible won the 2000 International Cookbook Revue Award and has over 700,00 copies in print. It continues to be one of the bestselling juicing books in the marketplace. In response to consumer demand, we’ve decided to add more value to this comprehensive book with an additional 16 color photographs, which takes the total photographs up to 32. All the outstanding elements in this essential guide for anyone who wants to explore the wide-ranging nutritional and health benefits of juicing are still here:

  • A market-leading 350 recipes — delicious fruit and vegetable juices, tonics, cleansers, digestives, teas, roughies, smoothies, milk and coffee substitutes and frozen treats.
  • Information on the seven body systems, including their importance to good health along with diet and lifestyle changes that will keep each system working as well as it can.
  • Details on 80 common health concerns, with recommendations on how to use natural foods to combat each condition.
  • 128 illustrations of fruits, vegetables and herbs, plus information on their uses and healing properties, and advice on purchasing and storage.
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